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Revive House of Hope program began in July 2018 and offers supportive services designed to offer safe and affordable housing to individuals seeking to be free from the life of homelessness.


Quality transitional housing is provided for the client by Revive Outreach, Inc. Residential properties are owned by the organization and well maintained. Quality housing improves self-esteem as well as prepares the recovering individual to cooperate and participate in managing a healthy lifestyle.

Our organization provides temporary transitional and/or permanent housing to families or individuals regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, age, economic disadvantage, disability or sexual orientation. We will be able to assist them in finding shelter and maintain stable housing. We will help them explore options for temporary emergency shelter, which could include use of our organization’s transitional house. Our assistance will help them to find and move into stable housing as quickly as possible. Our experienced staff will work with the individuals or families to understand their needs, develop a realistic plan to help them find the right housing for their family and overcome barriers to housing eligibility.

Revive House of Hope transitional status may range from 6 months to 12 months, while working on a plan of action leading to permanent housing. Our program objectives are geared towards overcoming homelessness. We hope to provide safe, quality and affordable housing opportunities through the rehabilitation of distressed and abandoned properties.


Residents share in household activities, learn life skills, and establish goals through an individualized plan. Workshops and multi-session trainings cover topics such as career development and employment readiness, educational preparedness, stress management, budgeting, and building healthy relationships. Quality housing improves self-esteem as well as prepares the recovering individual to cooperate and participate in managing a healthy lifestyle.

The Revive Housing Program seeks to link people that are experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless to safe housing in a timely manner that is aligned with their needs, priced within their budget. We provide structured assistance for obtaining or maintaining housing, including housing searches, landlord collaboration, and start-up support will be offered to ensure that the process of accessing new housing is as rapid and easily navigable as possible.  In addition to housing-specific supports, Revive Outreach understands the critical need for concurrent services that address the wide array of challenges people face as they deal with housing insecurity.  People enrolled in the program will receive knowledge and skill-building opportunities in addition to individualized goal planning and service coordination with a case manager.

Revive Outreach will bring together the proficiency of community building to concerned citizens that have a desire to ensure that the need for basic housing is available to all while simultaneously turning around and stabilizing some of the underserved, dilapidated properties.

We accomplish this goal through transitional housing and rental housing. The participant can stay in the program six to twelve months and follow up services are available up to a maximum of six months.

Our program targets low to moderate income homeless or near-homeless individuals and families who have challenges qualifying and/or maintaining housing on their own. We offer transition housing to men, women and their families.

Objectives: Participants may have the opportunity to obtain permanent housing after completing the transitional program and they will have increased knowledge of life skills (e.g., financial management, coping skills, and socialization).


Transitional Housing

Revive Outreach provides transitional housing specifically targets individuals who are challenged by issues of domestic violence, mental health or who simply need additional support before achieving permanent housing. The group transitional house is a safe, faith-based and supportive atmosphere that promotes dignity and integrity to its clients. Each participant is provided the tools and assistance needed during their plight to be a better asset to themselves, their families and their community.


Rental Housing Program

Revive Outreach provides rental housing that targets low and middle income individuals and provides them opportunities and support that enables them to find housing in single and multi-family units scattered throughout the city.

Each of our properties offer safe, inviting, professionally renovated atmosphere to individuals and families that qualify for our services. These individuals have a desire to become home owners but need additional support, time and a place of transition as they address the various barriers that may complicate the process of home ownership.

Revive Outreach has created a highly effective program that works hand in hand with each individual and family in developing and realizing their goals that move them toward home ownership. There is no time limitation, and tenants may live in their homes as long as they meet the basic obligations of tenancy. While participation in services is encouraged, it is not a condition of living in the rental housing.

In a Meeting

Career Outreach

Career Readiness Program

At Revive Outreach, Inc. we offer the Career Readiness Program that is based on a partnership with Revive Janitorial, LLC., and career center agencies. It is designed to provide Revive Outreach applicants with targeted support in job searching, job readiness, and job placement.  An employment specialist employed by Revive Outreach delivers the program, which includes employment seminars, one-on-one job coaching, and outreach to local employers to expand the pool of opportunities for our job seekers. Our case manager will lead a class exploring topics such as resume building, mock interview training, dress for success, answering interview questions, and job training. After this 4-6 week course, we will assist with job leads, preparation, and placement.

Revive Outreach's focus area is committed to connecting adults with limited or no education beyond high school to career pathways that allow for economic mobility and a family-sustaining wage. Traditional higher education has struggled to meet the needs of some adults, so there is a growing demand for a workforce with some post-secondary education. 

Services Offered

Revive Outreach, Inc.'s career readiness program will work closely with a group of people to help them find, apply, and secure jobs that are specific to them. Our Revive Outreach team will provide advice, tools, and resources for individuals to learn to research work opportunities, sufficiently apply and submit compelling applications, resumes, and cover letters for job placement. They will also establish a professional social media presence, and practice interview and networking skills as well as learn how to negotiate salary, and make important work connections all of which will help them successfully obtain employment opportunities.

Revive Outreach career readiness program will also provide participants with assistance in securing a career opportunity through Revive Janitorial. A seasoned professional commercial cleaning company. We will work with participants to educate them on strategies to effectively gain competitive salaries and selective employment opportunities. Through our series of workshops and individualized counseling, the Career Readiness Program seeks to assist participants with the entire professional development and career advancement process.

Basic Career Services

  • Individual assessment, evaluation of work history and educational attainment

  • Registration with Employment Connection

  • Job search assistance

  • Resume writing and interview skills

  • Labor market information

  • Information on available supportive services

  • Assistance through trained and available staff, either onsite at a one-stop career center or by telephone or other technology

  • Staff-supported assistance in the resource room

  • Referrals to partner programs and services available through the one-stop system

Individualized Career Services

  • Basic Career Services package

  • Comprehensive and specialized assessments of skill levels and service needs

  • Development of an individual employment plan and information on available training and training providers

  • Group and individual counseling

  • Career planning

  • Short-term pre-vocational services including development of learning skills, communication skills, interviewing skills, punctuality, personal maintenance skills, and professional conduct services to prepare individuals for employment 

  • Work experiences linked to careers

  • Financial literacy services

  • Needs-based supportive services

  • Post-employment follow up services

Community Service

Community Outreach

Community Projects   |   Beautification Projects

Community Projects

A neighborhood cleanup initiative creates a sense of community and brings people together. Not only does it serve a practical purpose, such as cleaning and revitalizing an area, but also, people often leave a neighborhood cleanup with a greater sense of unity, friendship, and purpose. It isn’t uncommon for cleanup participants to develop a new respect for one another and sense of pride in their community after a cleanup event.


  • Clean the streets/highways

  • Paint historic buildings

  • Revitalize parks and gardens

Beautification Projects

Street Clean-Up​

Our program includes community service by picking up trash in the neighborhood, painting historic building and revitalizing parks and gardens. Creating this opportunity for the community brings people together. Community beautification projects give a sense of unity, friendship, and purpose. Revive Outreach is dedicated to a cleaner and greener community. We’re working to clean up neighborhoods, streets, alleys and vacant lots around the city. Through initiatives like our trash clean-ups and our recycling center, we are making communities a cleaner, brighter and better place to live.


Our beautification projects help assist clean-up efforts by providing tools, trash bags and recycling carts to those wanting to clean up their neighborhoods.


Revitalize Parks and Gardens

A community with good parks and other facilities is a pleasant and sociable place to live, with a lively outdoor and cultural life. Residents spend more time in the community, and therefore are more familiar with one another, and contribute to a sense of community. Well-designed parks and buildings, and well-restored historic sites, especially when they’re part of a comprehensive community plan, can add greatly to the pleasant atmosphere of a community. Parks, plazas, the courtyards or steps of public buildings, even well-designed bus stations, can serve to increase residents’ interaction with one another and create a greater sense of community that reaches across community sectors.

Parks can range in size from a few hundred square feet – a bench, some flowers, and a 20 by 20 plot of grass on a busy corner. Parks are the lungs of a city, offering green space and fresh air to people who otherwise might seldom experience anything but concrete and exhaust fumes. They can protect open land, extraordinary landscapes, and historic sites, while also functioning as open-air classrooms and laboratories for school children and others. 

Neighborhood parks can provide formal plantings, grassy lawns, benches, playgrounds, picnic areas, and/or sports fields. Parks in large cities often have other community facilities located within the. Many small towns include a central park area with benches, perhaps a bandstand, and a flagpole: a simple open space for town celebrations and gatherings that may include athletic fields as well.


Beautification to Historic Buildings​

Historic buildings often fall into disrepair – they’re old and may be abandoned or ceded to the community for taxes. Yet these buildings are in some ways the heart and soul of the community, embodying its history and its heritage. By getting them listed in the National Register of Historic Places, it’s possible to take advantage of federal tax incentives to preserve them and turn them to community use. Many are rehabilitated as affordable housing, but they can function as libraries, concert halls, museums, transportation hubs, or other public facilities as well, depending upon their location and other characteristics. The dilapidated buildings that could be restored and used as distinctive town offices, the closed-down industrial site that could be reborn as an art museum and riverfront park, the last undeveloped pond in town – all of these and many other similar properties could be revitalized to serve the community. They might be available through the efforts of a community land trust, or might be sold to the municipality or to a non-profit when they seem to no longer be of use. By using historic preservation or land conservation funds, tax incentives, volunteers, and donated labor and materials, the municipality or grassroots groups can often turn them into community assets.

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