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Supported Living/Group Home

At Revive Outreach group home, we know that the people we support want to be independent.
In order to do that, they need a home and a community that embraces their unique abilities.

Without positive support it makes our clients feel frustrated, excluded, and powerless.

We believe everyone deserves the resources needed to live independently.

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What is Supported Living?


Moving into the community from your family home is just another way of growing and finding your own level of independence. It is the responsibility of Revive Outreach Direct Support Professionals to help you learn, grow, develop and reach your individualized goals. Revive Outreach helps with “Activities of Daily Living”, but what we do goes so far beyond that. We are an all-inclusive service that supports individuals ensuring quality of life.


Whether it’s cooking, planning the day, washing dishes, sweeping, dusting, etc… in whatever way you can. All individuals have their own room with the opportunity to decorate and set up the room as they wish. We teach people that this is their home and it is their responsibility to help to care for it. It is Revive Outreach’s job to support you in doing as much as you can for yourself.

Our clients and Direct Support Professionals consider the home it’s very own family where everyone works and lives together and is vested in each other’s success. Many families find all individuals in the home become part of their family, getting together for BBQ, game nights and community volunteering.

Supported Living is Habilitative

Revive Outreach helps individuals learn how to live as independently as possible. For example, caring for their own room, house and yard.  This also includes helping learn volunteer skills, accessing the community, shopping, money and employment. It is about independence and helping each person reach their full potential and quality of life.

This is one of the key pieces that sets the work of a Direct Support Professional apart from a caregiver.

Life at Revive Outreach group home

When a person is served by Revive Outreach Group Home, they will find a holistic and individualized support system rising around them. We form long-term relationships with the people we support. Revive Outreach has the privilege to be involved in almost every aspect of our clients’ lives.  

From supporting individuals with medical care, to community and employment goals like getting a job, volunteering, learning how to make purchases. We look out for people’s spiritual well-being and social life. 

Daily Living Activities

Revive Outreach also works on basic activities performed by individuals on a daily that are necessary for living independently. There are many variations but most categories are the same and can range from:


Life coaching
Sitting in the Stairwell


Shopping for and picking out your own clothes and learning how to get dressed. Deciding how to wear your hair, what color, facial hair or not. Maybe a beard or mustache, and how to take care of those things


What I like to eat, how to prepare healthy meals, shopping and trying new things. What support do I need during my mealtime? Such as; what I eat, where I eat, how I eat with the help of special equipment, plates, cups, etc…


Do I like baths over showers and when do I prefer to take them? Is there a special soap I like or a special way I prefer my bath? Do I have a favorite person to help me? The same goes for my bathroom support if necessary.

Compassionate Care Around The Clock

Revive Outreach Inc. group home offers cozy living in a close-knit community. Because service is at the heart of our mission, we provide a full complement of wellness services, lifestyle amenities and community activities to meet our residents’ medical and social needs.


  • Individual care plan

  • Trained team member available 24 hours a day

  • Licensed nurse supervision

  • Assistance with personal needs

  • Medication management

  • Regular health assessments

  • Exercise programs

  • Onsite rehabilitation available

  • Respite stays in furnished room


  • Spacious floor plans

  • Flexible dining times

  • House maintenance

  • Scheduled transportation to appointments, shopping, and cultural events

  • Enriching activities & cultural outings

  • All utilities paid (except phone)

  • Wi-Fi internet

  • Cable TV

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