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Outreach Programs

Housing Outreach

Revive House of Hope


Revive House of Hope program began in July 2018 and offers supportive services designed to offer safe and affordable housing to individuals seeking to be free from the life of homelessness.


Quality transitional housing is provided for the client by Revive Outreach, Inc. Residential properties are owned by the organization and well maintained. Quality housing improves self-esteem as well as prepares the recovering individual to cooperate and participate in managing a healthy lifestyle.

Our organization provides temporary transitional and/or permanent housing to families or individuals regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, age, economic disadvantage, disability or sexual orientation. We will be able to assist them in finding shelter and maintain stable housing. We will help them explore options for temporary emergency shelter, which could include use of our organization’s transitional house. Our assistance will help them to find and move into stable housing as quickly as possible. Our experienced staff will work with the individuals or families to understand their needs, develop a realistic plan to help them find the right housing for their family and overcome barriers to housing eligibility.

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Revive House of Hope transitional status may range from 6 months to 12 months, while working on a plan of action leading to permanent housing. Our program objectives are geared towards overcoming homelessness. We hope to provide safe, quality and affordable housing opportunities through the rehabilitation of distressed and abandoned properties.


Residents share in household activities, learn life skills, and establish goals through an individualized plan. Workshops and multi-session trainings cover topics such as career development and employment readiness, educational preparedness, stress management, budgeting, and building healthy relationships. Quality housing improves self-esteem as well as prepares the recovering individual to cooperate and participate in managing a healthy lifestyle.

The Revive Housing Program seeks to link people that are experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless to safe housing in a timely manner that is aligned with their needs, priced within their budget. We provide structured assistance for obtaining or maintaining housing, including housing searches, landlord collaboration, and start-up support will be offered to ensure that the process of accessing new housing is as rapid and easily navigable as possible.  In addition to housing-specific supports, Revive Outreach understands the critical need for concurrent services that address the wide array of challenges people face as they deal with housing insecurity.  People enrolled in the program will receive knowledge and skill-building opportunities in addition to individualized goal planning and service coordination with a case manager.

Revive Outreach will bring together the proficiency of community building to concerned citizens that have a desire to ensure that the need for basic housing is available to all while simultaneously turning around and stabilizing some of the underserved, dilapidated properties.

We accomplish this goal through transitional housing and rental housing. The participant can stay in the program six to twelve months and follow up services are available up to a maximum of six months.

Our program targets low to moderate income homeless or near-homeless individuals and families who have challenges qualifying and/or maintaining housing on their own. We offer transition housing to men, women and their families.

Objectives: Participants may have the opportunity to obtain permanent housing after completing the transitional program and they will have increased knowledge of life skills (e.g., financial management, coping skills, and socialization).


Transitional Housing

Revive Outreach provides transitional housing specifically targets individuals who are challenged by issues of domestic violence, mental health or who simply need additional support before achieving permanent housing. The group transitional house is a safe, faith-based and supportive atmosphere that promotes dignity and integrity to its clients. Each participant is provided the tools and assistance needed during their plight to be a better asset to themselves, their families and their community.


Rental Housing Program

Revive Outreach provides rental housing that targets low and middle income individuals and provides them opportunities and support that enables them to find housing in single and multi-family units scattered throughout the city.

Each of our properties offer safe, inviting, professionally renovated atmosphere to individuals and families that qualify for our services. These individuals have a desire to become home owners but need additional support, time and a place of transition as they address the various barriers that may complicate the process of home ownership.

Revive Outreach has created a highly effective program that works hand in hand with each individual and family in developing and realizing their goals that move them toward home ownership. There is no time limitation, and tenants may live in their homes as long as they meet the basic obligations of tenancy. While participation in services is encouraged, it is not a condition of living in the rental housing.

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