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Outreach Programs

Career Outreach

At Revive Outreach, Inc. we offer the Career Readiness Program that is based on a partnership with Revive Janitorial, LLC., and career center agencies. It is designed to provide Revive Outreach applicants with targeted support in job searching, job readiness, and job placement.  An employment specialist employed by Revive Outreach delivers the program, which includes employment seminars, one-on-one job coaching, and outreach to local employers to expand the pool of opportunities for our job seekers. Our case manager will lead a class exploring topics such as resume building, mock interview training, dress for success, answering interview questions, and job training. After this 4-6 week course, we will assist with job leads, preparation, and placement.

Revive Outreach's focus area is committed to connecting adults with limited or no education beyond high school to career pathways that allow for economic mobility and a family-sustaining wage. Traditional higher education has struggled to meet the needs of some adults, so there is a growing demand for a workforce with some post-secondary education. 



Services Offered

Revive Outreach, Inc.'s career readiness program will work closely with a group of people to help them find, apply, and secure jobs that are specific to them. Our Revive Outreach team will provide advice, tools, and resources for individuals to learn to research work opportunities, sufficiently apply and submit compelling applications, resumes, and cover letters for job placement. They will also establish a professional social media presence, and practice interview and networking skills as well as learn how to negotiate salary, and make important work connections all of which will help them successfully obtain employment opportunities.

Revive Outreach career readiness program will also provide participants with assistance in securing a career opportunity through Revive Janitorial. A seasoned professional commercial cleaning company. We will work with participants to educate them on strategies to effectively gain competitive salaries and selective employment opportunities. Through our series of workshops and individualized counseling, the Career Readiness Program seeks to assist participants with the entire professional development and career advancement process.


Basic Career Services

  • Individual assessment, evaluation of work history and educational attainment

  • Registration with Employment Connection

  • Job search assistance

  • Resume writing and interview skills

  • Labor market information

  • Information on available supportive services

  • Assistance through trained and available staff, either onsite at a one-stop career center or by telephone or other technology

  • Staff-supported assistance in the resource room

  • Referrals to partner programs and services available through the one-stop system

Individualized Career Services

  • Basic Career Services package

  • Comprehensive and specialized assessments of skill levels and service needs

  • Development of an individual employment plan and information on available training and training providers

  • Group and individual counseling

  • Career planning

  • Short-term pre-vocational services including development of learning skills, communication skills, interviewing skills, punctuality, personal maintenance skills, and professional conduct services to prepare individuals for employment 

  • Work experiences linked to careers

  • Financial literacy services

  • Needs-based supportive services

  • Post-employment follow up services

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